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Ultra Interior Linings - Our Services

Six main work types that complement one another to offer a superior finish.

Ultra can undertake any one of our work types individually, or whatever suits you.

Rondo Metal Battens Rondo® Metal Battens   Supply GIB Supply GIB®

Fix GIB Fix GIB®    Stop GIB Stop GIB®  GIB Cove GIB® Cove

Paint Paint

  • Experienced with handling strict time frames
  • Reduced building time & overruns.
  • Qualified supervisors organising & checking work daily

  = Time Saving    = Cost Savings




Content Clients


Good working relationships and a competent friendly informative supervisory team are the keys to successful outcomes for all clients.

Spring Special

Spring Special - brighten up your new home with our improved interior linings system, offering you better value than ever before. Contact us on....